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Metal sofa leg compare with the solid wood leg,which is better?


The sofa with built-in solid wood leg has certain defects.In humid weather, solid wood leg can cause mold during prolonged contact with moist air, which is more likely to occur in the south where the air is relatively humid.Once moldy, solid wood can breed harmful substances such as bacteria and mold.People in the long-term use of the process will pose a threat to the body.And the quality life of the product will be shortened.This is a loss for customers.If you use a density board as a frame, it's not only harmful to mold, it's also harmful in the air, because the density board volatilizes harmful gases like formaldehyde and easily expands and contracts in heat and cold.Although the price will be a lot cheaper than metal leg. but the overall comparison,it's still not cost-effective.

 A sofa with metal legs is the opposite of a solid wood legs.The sofa of metal legs is more stable not only on the structure, and won't produce mildew, won't pose a threat to human body in long-term use process.Nowadays ,the sofa that uses metal legs, it is more and more popular on home market.Because it's a high grade process.In Italian royal furniture just can use such craft.Although the price will be more expensive than the solid wood leg, but no matter in the quality, sitting feeling is excellent.So we are in the product that buys sofa, consider for oneself healthy problem, still pay attention to the advantage of product itself and quality are better.Today's society stresses a healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly life.So consider for oneself life, still choose metal leg is good.Of course, sofa itself still wants to buy what build inside to take spring independently, because knock down the sofa that USES sponge and fill cotton to be able to be out of shape inside two years, with the word that takes spring independently not only flexibility is good, and won't be out of shape.So I hope that the majority of consumers do not covet cheap, long-term use and healthy life is the most important.



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